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The most potential groups are Dzao people in Phuc San and Hmong people in Pa Coh of Mai Chau district and the brocade of both Hmong and Dzao people is also different with the one of Thai people: the brocade of Thai is textile using cotton and synthetic yarn wool, polyester in Mai Chau district. made by traditional manual table looms with different decorating patterns while the brocade of Hmong is using hemp in combination with embroidery and the brocade of Dzao people is simply the embroidery. is still keeping their traditional hemp weaving using back-strap looms, but due to poor soil condition, hemp is hard to grow in good condition, therefore, the number of hemp textile producers is also limited.

Textile Brocade is a quite popular product of the ethnic minorities in the Northwest of Vietnam.There Yoga Towels Manufacturers many minorities in the region, each of them have their own products that contain their own identities. Most of Thai people can do weaving but those are keeping weaving works as a way to maintain their life is accounting for only 15-20% of total Thai people in the labour age and most of them are matured and old women. The textile of the Muong people is almost lost with the penetration of industrial commodities. Being different from Muong group, the textile of Thai people in Hoa Binh is more developed with the names of groups in Chieng Chau.

Mai Ha, Na Phon, Mai Hich. The Thai's brocade includes both weaving and embroidery products and there's a group in Then Luong village Chieng Dong commune leading by active ladies who successfully diversified their products to serve both Hanoi and export markets.The local Hmong people tends to buy industrial fabric China made or ready-made clothes which are selling freely in the local market instead of making it by themselves for the major explanation of "more convenient". There's only few Muong groups keeping their weaving works, mainly in Lac Son, Tan Lac and Cao Phong districts but at very limited production.

Hoa Binh province is well-known with Muong, Thai, Dzao and Hmong people.Besides Thai people, there's also Muong and Hmong ethnic minorities in Son La who are also producing brocade and the most potential location would be Van Ho commune Moc Chau town where Muong people is making large quantity of embroidery pieces with patterns of the Hmong people to sell to Hmong community in both Son La and Hoa Binh provinces for cloth decoration.. The Hmong people in Van Ho Moc Chau and  other districts like Bac Yen, Phu Yen, Thuan Chau, Song Ma. Similar to Hoa Binh, most of the Thai weavers in Son La used synthetic yarn as major material for their brocade products. As same as Hoa Binh, Son La province is quite famous with textile production of Thai people in most of the districts of the province. The textile/brocade of Hmong and Dzao people in Hoa Binh is only accounting for very small ratio as compared to the textile of Thai people.The most famous locations for textile production of commune

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