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, accounting for nearly 70% of the total export amount of textiles in recent years, according to research. As for the government, they try to use various policies to encourage the self-dependent innovation of textile enterprises. Mr. How to change the current situation of export of Chinese textile industry, there are several solutions. The export is the most serious dilemma faced by Chinese textile enterprises. It has the most complete industry chain in the world and the highest manufacturing and supporting level. Babacan, the president of Oerlikon Textile Group also said the tendency of explosively population growth pose a higher demand for textile industry and textiles are the basic materials which cover many fields, so innovation is absolutely needed.

While under the influence of the international economic crisis and the appreciation of RMB against the US dollar, the export of Chinese textile industry face great pressure.CRI-report: China is a powerful country of textile production and export, which has an obvious competitive advantage with its own development for many years. It is nearly impossible for prices of Chinese clothing as cheap as that of former prices.In the long term, with the maturity of textile technology of neighboring countries and the perfection of supporting industries.

Chinese textile industry will encounter increasing difficulties. Chinese export markets of textiles are mainly concentrated in the United States, EU, Japan, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, etc. Therefore, improving the occupancy rate and covering range of Chinese textiles in the world Beach towels market and extending towards some developing countries, such as North America, Africa and so on can further promote the healthy development of Chinese textile industry and the ability of resisting risks.

In the 103th China Export Commodities Fair, a merchant form Chile who annually used to import a lot of articles for daily use from China says his procurement range is not restricted to China at present, because articles from countries, Vietnam, Bengal, etc. However, since the end of 2007, Chinese manufacturing enterprises face an unprecedented dilemma with the fast pace of RMB appreciation and the increase of labor # costs, resulting from the implementation of new Labor Contract Law. Only by innovation can China overcome the current dilemma and build wider markets and fields in the global

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