started with limestone mining after having | بلاگ

started with limestone mining after having

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He started a entire manufacturing unit for silver jewelry and artifacts. He thus had the ability to learn very quickly and was very curious as a child. His immediate instinct was to buy off mining area spreading over a 20km radius and ran his limestone mine under the name of Jarunda limestone mines. While his sons successfully ran his export at Indogem Exports and he became the Vice Chairperson of the Bullion Association private limited, he encouraged his Daughter inlaws to join Silver Centrre. A company that showcased some of the rarest pieces of jewelry and artifacts collected by his father from the earliest stages of his life. The power trios together today has taken the company places and have managed to make it a brand name known to the young, the old and the famous. His elder daughter inlwas Smt.Saw times were he slept on beds of silver slabs.

Also opened Silver Centrres 1st and today its oldest Flagship store in Johri Bazaar, Jaipur. Born in a Jain family in Jaipur to one of the most powerful and strong entrepreneur of his time Late.-Abhineet Boochra. This, in turn made it one of the largest single landmines holding area of his time. It was one of the very 1st paper mills to be opened in the many that were soon to follow suit after considering the great success of the mills opened by him.Being born in such a dynamic family and as the only son gave him a chance to learn a lot from his fathers trades and gained a lot knowledge in varying fields of different trades. Alongside all of this he was someone who was given the gift of immense knowledge and wisdom by birth itself.Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra a man full of dreams, ambitions and alongside courage, vision and wit to make his dreams come true.

After practicing as a lawyer for a few years he decided to join the family business as the only son. He as a man in his life has been an amazing son, who filled his fathers heart with pride to a dutiful husband who fulfilled his wifes very wish and became a lifetime member of various NGOS and charitable trusts under his wife Smt. Upon having provided enough work exposure and travel experience to his sons Shri Pradeep Kumar Boochra and Shri Sudeep Kumar Boochra he laid foundations to another business venture under the name of Indogem Exports in 1978.All through this while he was also actively participating and helping his father Wholesale Beach Towels Manufacturers with his textile business. Neeta Boochra (president of FICCI-FLOW, India) became the director of the company taking it places with her communicational skills and dynamic personality and younger daughter Smt. A company that rose to great heights in the international market by taking the gemstones markets in the USA, EUROPE and JAPAN by a storm. This helped him give his Children an opportunity to travel and gain work experience abroad. Saroj Kumar Boochras name. Such were the shoes he knew he would have to fill one day. He bought out what lay in his fathers workshop as rarely seen items to public views and displays. Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra. Grew up under the guidance of his father who owned at one point all of Indias silver. His initial desire or rather a childhood ambition was to become a scientist. So much silver was sure to be of some influence on a man who was always on a lookout to start something new and more and more challenging and so he started with a new venture called Silver Centrre in 1969.

His father at that time was the founding member and chairperson of the bullion association and ran a successful Textile business. Sangeeta Boochra today a huge brand name in the designer jewelry world in India. He started export of textile under the name of Rajasthan Textile Centre. The mills flourished and with it grew an inner desire to do something more and so in 1967 he started with limestone mining after having accidently stumbled over a mine near his vacation home in Ramgarh, Jaipur. A father he knew to be popular as The Silver King of India. He has been actively giving back to the society though many of such organizations and helping the needy. A man who become the reason and source of knowledge and pride to his two sons and most delightfully a fatherinlaw who sold a beautiful dream to his daughter inlaws and stood by them as it came true Such is the story of a man I came to know and love as my Grandfather Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra. Although, as he grew and understood better of himself he graduated from law school after completing BA-LLB. As a man full of ambition this does not satisfy his need to be able to achieve something on his own and so in 1961 he opened Jaipur paper board mills at sanganer in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His father at this point controlled the prices and trades of silver all over India

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